Project Mississippi #4 – Meet Solvi!!


Well, we finished the boat!! It has been so much work to get the boat done in time, but as of Wednesday at 3pm, Solvi is complete. We even launched her yesterday for the first time, and she floats! It has been a very exciting couple of days and we couldn’t be more please with the results.

To be completely honest the last week is a bit of a blur. We got behind schedule and so for about 7 days we worked 14-18 hours a day and most nights were only getting 2-4 hours of sleep. There were times we weren’t sure we were going to get the boat done before our leave date. But with lots and lots of hard work, some tears, tons of coffee, and dedication we were able to pull it off. And on that note, I introduce you to Solvi our beautiful sail and row boat. (Please note, in these photos and in the initial launch we do not have the sail rig set up, but the mast will be located at the edge of the foredeck).


We launched her for the first time on Thursday June 23rd in South Carolina at a boat ramp on the Edisto River. It is my grandfather’s 80th birthday so we caravaned up to South Carolina with my parents for the party and on the way we stopped at a river to launch the boat. It was a beautiful location with a great breeze and a simple launch for our first time putting her in the water. Kyle and I could not have been more thrilled when she floated exactly on her lines and then rowed well and very fast! There are still some kinks to work out and we still need to get the sailing rig set up, but for only being in the water for 30 minutes we were very pleased. It was also wonderful to share the experience with my parents because they have helped to make this whole thing possible by allowing us to not only build the boat at their house but to also stay there for the last couple weeks- and to provide us food and encouragement on our 18 hour work days. So a special thank you to my parents Fred and Nina!!

Anyway, here is Solvi. Stay tuned for the time lapse of her build! Coming soon 🙂

Project Mississippi #3

On my last post you saw that we had flipped the boat, installed the bulkheads, and Kyle was working on getting the mast step installed. He successfully installed the mast step and it went quite well. He designed it a bit differently than one would expect as rather than coming straight down from the mast into the keel, it curves. This makes it so that our storage locker has more room.


After getting the mast step and support beams all installed we installed the foredeck which was very exciting as it made the boat seem much more complete. Then came the benches, the seat backs, the hatch covers, and all the other fine little details in order to make the boat both sea worthy and attractive. All the panels which are shown in the photo below had to be sanded, epoxied, and then glassed over. It took quite some time but they came out looking shiny and beautiful.


Once all the panels and parts were installed on the boat, next came the sanding. Lots and lots of sanding in order to prepare the boat for bottom paint and varnish. I probably spent 5-10 hours a day sanding for 5 days straight. The dust from sanding the fiberglass makes me so itchy and definitely caused some discomfort. I was so very excited when I cleaned that damn sander off for the last time and put it back on its shelf. I’d like to say that’s the last time I have to hold that vibrating, dust creating, exhausting machine, but unfortunately when it comes to the boat life, that won’t be happening. But for now I will enjoy my time away from it!