Two Weeks To Go Time

I just re-read my last blog post, and can’t believe that 2 months have gone by! So much has happened and been accomplished during that time. We left the Municipal Marina in downtown St. Petersburg at the end of August and had an absolutely wonderful sail from St. Petersburg down to Palmetto. It was our first sail since the finish of the refit, and we both couldn’t have been happier with the results. The wind was behind us and we cruised at a consistent 5-6 knots. Since then we have been living on the boat at a marina in Palmetto, preparing to leave. Millions of little projects, lots of sea trials, finishing of the wind vane (huge success!), and a huge purchase of food. Last weekend my mom and I went to Costco and the grocery store and purchased 5 months of non-perishable food. My mom was amazing and spent the rest of the weekend removing labels from over 100 cans and writing their contents in sharpie. Kyle’s parents came for a visit and we were able to take them on a sunset cruise which was very enjoyable. And mostly, we have just been running around like crazy getting everything finished and finalized and spending as much time with family and friends as possible.

As I write this, it is Tuesday October 29th and on Thursday we will leave our marina and head south to Sarasota. We will stay at a mooring field in Sarasota until around Nov. 10th and then as soon as we have a weather window we will sail away and head towards the Dry Tortugas – the first stop on our 6 month cruising journey.

I plan to start updating this blog more frequently once we leave. As of now, there are too many little projects to try and document. So for now, here is another group of photos to sum up the last few weeks.

My next post will be about actually sailing and reaching destinations 🙂




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  1. I’m Looking forward to following your new adventure on Sirocco. BonVoyage and wishing you Fair Winds and a Following Sea. Lots of love, Granny

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