We are two open minded adventurers who have made it a life goal to experience life at a slower pace.

Meet Kyle! Otherwise known as Skipper.

He grew up in the Midwest of Minnesota/Wisconsin, with summers spent on the lakes and rivers, and bitter cold winters spent snowboarding and snowmobiling. He spent 10 years working with composites, primarily repairing or building powerboats before going to school for computer aided design and drafting (CAD). A passionate designer and maker of things, he has hand built many of things found in this blog and fixed up everything else. He is full of creativity and brings boundless energy to get up and go for it every day.

Meet Danielle! Also known as Flipper.

She grew up in Salt Lake City, hiking and exploring the mountains of Utah and has a passion for backpacking and sleeping outdoors. Danielle has great skill and experience working with children and has been doing so professionally for well over a decade. Since we began adventuring as a lifestyle, she has also been working on a career in writing. She is far hardier than Kyle and is the organizer and planner that makes everything we do as Skipper and Flipper possible.

Together as a team, we form the unstoppable force of Skipper and Flipper. We are skilled, organized, creative and at this point, experienced. Anything can happen, so follow along with us on our game of life.

If you have question or comments, we would love to hear from you!

Email us at: kanddconcepts@gmail.com

If you’d like to buy us a beer or support us along the way click here for paypal

or username @Danielle-Kreusch for venmo 🙂

Cheers! -K & D

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just checked your blog again after many months. Wow, we are truly impressed with all the work you have done on Sirocco. Looks like you are doing a fine job. We would be interested in seeing more photos of the completed cockpit with the new coamings. Looks practical and more comfortable than the old teak ones. Keith and I are very pleased that Sirocco is in the hands such a talented couple who will take such good care of her. Wish all of you many happy journeys.

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  2. Hey guys! I’ve been thinking about you guys as im bringing a boat down from Chicago via the Mississippi and now tenn tom waterway. So cool you guys did it in a little open boat Kyle built! Finally remembered your blog and so happy to see how great you guys are doing! You’re truly an amazing duo. I’ll be in the Bahamas around the same time and I really hope to catch up in person.
    All my best!
    Steven Groh
    S/v Salacia

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