3 thoughts on “A Video Our Friend Made”

  1. Hello. This is your neighbor Sue back in Florida..remember that place? You are indeed living the dream and I admire you both for your determination to make this happen. The fact that it is going so well is testament to your abilities to not only build a sea worthy boat, but to sail it and live within it’s confines it has. You have embraced the entire experience with such a positive and joyful attitude that the Sea Magic and River Angels will continue to be with you. I have enjoyed this novella more than anything I have read in ages. Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone. Sue and her Mighty dog Quinn!

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    1. Sue, thank you so incredibly much for the nice words. The encouragement means more than you’d know, especially coming from someone back home. And yes! I remember Florida and actually really miss it. I long for salt water beaches and Palm trees. We’ll be back around the new year. Hope you and Quinn are doing well. Great to hear from you 🙂 thanks again!


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