A Photo Album 

Sail, Oar, and Pedal: A Voyage South

Kyle and I spent some time going through over 3,000 photos and chose our favorite 100 to put together in a photo album so that we have it for ourselves in the future. I’m sharing the link here in case anyone wants to check out the album! Click here: Sail, Oar, and Pedal

4 thoughts on “A Photo Album ”

  1. Thank you for letting me travel vicariously with you. I’ve really enjoyed your trip and adventures. Hopefully, you will invite us to “join” with you on your next adventure.

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  2. Both the video & 100 photos were wonderful! Thanks for sharing your adventure. I will miss future blogs, but looking forward to your next adventure. Happy New Year & Love, Granny


  3. What a fabulous job you did of sharing your trip through photos and posts! I followed your entire journey from boat building to Christmas and was SO impressed with your adventurous, capable and resourceful spirits. I appreciated your honest contemplative thoughts and relationship strength throughout your travel and challenges. Well done and best wishes for your next adventures! Thank you.

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