Teardrop Progress 


The teardrop is coming along quite well! As seems to be the case with most the projects Kyle and I take on, it has taken longer than anticipated and become much more work than we thought, but it is totally worth it. Kyle has been working on it full time for the past two weeks, I have been working on it part time as I’m also working to fund our trip home, and Patti and Rick have both been working part time on it as well. So within the last two weeks A LOT of hours have been put in between the 4 of us- and the results have been very rewarding.  

 It has been a lot of fun to work on this teardrop because it has become a total team project. The 4 of us, plus Kyle’s sister from time to time, have really worked together to get all the little pieces put together. And we have had an awesome time together doing it. Below are the photos of the progress as of a few days ago. We are finishing up the entire thing today! More photos to come :)Styrofoam used as insulation for heat, cold, and noise. Rick, Patti, and Riley get credit for the awful job of cutting and fitting insulationWe just had installed the outside panel and needed to weight it down. We ran around like crazy grabbing anything heavy in the garage haha. Side panel installed! Sanding and varnish partyKyle has never made cabinets before, and he made these from scratch. The outside wood is over 100 years old and was given to us by Patti and Rick. The look amazing all finished with varnish and handles. Installing the roof panel. Lots of ratchet straps to help bend the wood. Painted and installed trailer fenders Kyle did an amazing job on installing the windows. Thanks Rick for picking them out! So shiny Rick, Brody, and Beau cutting carpet. The carpet make its feel so homey. Thanks Patti and RickInstalled the cabinet tops- using weights as clamps 

1 thought on “Teardrop Progress ”

  1. Does the TearDrop have a name? I’ve saved an article from AARP magazine May/June about their come-back from the 30’s. Looking forward to seeing you in Colorado three weeks from now. Have a safe, happy trip! Love, Granny


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