An Ending, A Beginning


The sailing season is coming to an end for me and Kyle and we are already preparing for our next adventure. The season didn’t end quite as we anticipated, but it was a lovely season, nonetheless. It was actually one of my favorite sailing journeys we have taken. I loved all the countries we visited, the crew members we had, and most importantly to me, our time in Belize. Around the beginning of March, I very unexpectedly left Belize by airplane and flew to Utah to help a friend who needed support. I left Kyle, Safi, and my favorite tropical country and found myself landing in Salt Lake City, Utah at midnight in 30-degree temperatures and snow. The contrast was quite entertaining.

Kyle stayed in Belize and had a friend come crew with him to Mexico. Kyle and his friend Brian, had a wonderful sail from San Pedro, Belize to Cozumel, Mexico. They stopped at this tiny atoll in the Caribbean Sea (see photos below) owned by Mexico. They free dove a wreck and had a wonderful time exploring. They arrived safely in Cozumel where they checked into the country, cruised the island via scooter, and rested after the passage. Brian flew home from Cozumel, leaving Kyle alone with Safi once again. Kyle then solo-sailed the boat from Cozumel to Isla Mujeres. It was about 7 hours underway, and he had a great time on his own.

As I am writing this, he has been in Isla for over two weeks, and I have been in Utah for 3 weeks. Kyle and I have been together for almost 9 years, and this is the longest we have ever been apart. By the time I see him again, it’ll have been just about a month. I miss him greatly, but I also find myself filled with gratitude. I am grateful that I get to miss him. I am grateful for technology for allowing us to Facetime and watch movies together some nights over the computer. I am thankful that I live a lifestyle that allows me the freedom to come help a friend when needed. I am grateful that it’s only a month- and that we chose to be separated, it wasn’t forced upon us like so many people are experiencing in the world. So thankfully, the gratitude outweighs any of the sadness of missing him. And plus, I have never been so excited to see anyone in my life!

Yesterday and today, Kyle had two crew members arrive to Isla Mujeres. One is a friend of a friend from Florida, and one is a 22-year-old sailor from London. They both just want sea miles and are looking forward to the adventure. This weekend, Kyle, Ryan, and Alex will leave Isla Mujeres, and sail the 600+ nautical miles to Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, Louisiana. This will take them about 6 days, so they should be arriving by April 1st. Once they arrive in New Orleans, Safi’s sailing season will be over. I will meet them in Louisiana, and Kyle and I will rent a car and make our way back to Florida in order to prepare for our next big adventure which starts on May 1st. More details to come soon!

My time in Utah has been incredibly relaxing. After the first week which was quite the adjustment for me, the rest of the time has been quiet, calm, introspective, and filled with quality time spent with lifelong friends. The first week was a little difficult because it was a big adjustment coming from living on the boat in the tropics. Not only the dry, cold climate, but the United States as a whole is a very different experience than my quiet life on the boat with Kyle. The airports alone were overwhelming. And then arriving and having trouble with my rental car reservation and not yet having a working cell phone and getting on the freeway at 1am and navigating the city; it was all a sensory overload. And on top of that, I haven’t traveled alone for years- so it was quite the adventure. But fortunately, I viewed it just as that- an adventure, which made it a fun challenge. Four days after I arrived, we got about 6 inches of snow! I woke up, put on my layers, and went outside and made a snowman. I haven’t lived in Utah since I was 19, so while I grew up in snow, living in the tropics has made it something special all over again. Some other highlights from my time in Utah include: my best friend’s 30th birthday, quality time with friends I haven’t seen in a long time, living with my best friend from childhood for 3 weeks, spending time with her cat, watching the season begin to change from winter to spring, yoga at a yoga studio, alone time during the days, being able to get cozy with warm clothes and hot tea on the couch, and one good hike.

Below are a variety of photos. Some from Belize, some from Kyle’s adventures, and some from my time in Utah. My next post will explain the details of our next adventure… it’s a big one. Stay tuned 🙂

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